Empowering professional service firms with XtraAdvice.

A team of experienced partners with a strong background in professional service firms and/or as academics, have founded XtraAdvice, a new consulting firm. The XtraAdvice partner team is based in both The Netherlands and the US. All of the ten partners have a strong background in the areas of business, services and people development. Including deep knowledge about the brain and mind of the professionals that work in a high demand environment.

XtraAdvice is fully focused on supporting professional service firms (PSFs). This includes consulting, tax, audit and law firms as well for example executive search companies.

“We also see an increasing amount of organizations, for example in the technology and telecommunications industry, who are developing and expanding a consulting footprint to significantly improve their results and shareholder value” according to Stef Oud, partner at XtraAdvice.

“In essence all professional service firms have similar challenges as they move through the economic cycles; during a ‘bull’ market the emphasis is more on developing, recruiting and retaining talent and for a ‘bear’ market this emphasis switches to business development and winning new projects. We believe that with our elaborate mix of focused propositions we can support our clients as they move through the economic changes that impact them and their clients. Over the past months, as we developed our firm, we already have worked for several clients to help them break into new markets and win business for new strategic clients.”

“In addition, we coach and provide support to professionals throughout their career, growing from associate level to becoming partners and executives.” Stef Oud illustrates this with a recent reference he received from a technology consulting firm executive: “I have received essential counselling for the various steps I had to take in my career journey from junior consultant to becoming a COO.”

Contact us on info@xtra-advice.com