Many business, political and cultural leaders from all over the world will travel to Switzerland next week for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). At XtraAdvice we look forward to attending the WEF again and meeting several of our key clients and relations during this 2020 edition in Davos. Our focus will be to discuss the importance and impact of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs for professional service firms. Especially the younger generation of employees expresses a clear desire to not just pursue a successful career, working long hours and tackle complex problems for their clients. Their job needs to also come with a significant “purpose agenda”. What are we, as a consulting firm, marketing agency, law firm, executive search organization, accountancy or as technology advisors giving back for society?

In working with for example War Child ( a NGO that helps children affected by war and conflict, Stef Oud, a partner with XtraAdvice, explains he has seen many professional service firms significantly stepping up their game to provide support. Either by increasing their donations, organizing individual employee involvement with War Child or by providing “in-kind” support. This in-kind support can range from a law firm providing legal advice, developing growth plans with strategy consulting firm to ethical IT hacking done by technology consultants. Not only does this providing meaningful and important direct support to War Child, it also addresses the individual purpose wish of professionals. War Child as an NGO in turn, also gets access to, not only the professional service firms themselves, but also exposure to the often broad range of clients that professional service firms have.

Feel free to contact us ( for a conversation during the WEF in Davos about Corporate Social Responsibility developed for  Professional Service firms