Introducing FitCoins

Imagine yourself adopting healthy habits such as walking 30 minutes each morning, or perhaps riding your bike to work, or for example taking a mindfulness class. Then imagine being rewarded for each of these activities with FitCoins that you can use to  “buy” life-enriching rewards such as sports gear, tickets to a game, or to a theatre or to get healthy groceries for free at your local supermarket. This is in essence is what FitCoins allows you to do and what thousands of users and over 200 companies in Europe are already using. In addition, FitCoins can also be used by local governments and for example inner city communities. The FitCoins app on your phone enables you to count steps, to keep track of the rewards you saved. It also allows you to go to an online catalogue where you can select the items you would like to purchase to reward yourself for adopting healthy behavior..


We know that rewards work to encourage

Dr. Ron Mangun, director of the Center for Brain and Mind and professor of Psychology and Neurology at the University of California in Davis explains “Through our work with Xtra Advice and FitCoins /SAP we have seen the benefits that FitCoins brings to organizations that use it. The concept is very transparent: rewarding healthy behavior with healthy rewards. So, in fact FitCoin users benefit twice. And if the Fitcoins are used for a good cause, charity or NGO there is even a triple benefit.”

It is no surprise that the first US FitCoins pilot is in California. The Golden State has a reputation to uphold of healthy lifestyles and Californians staying fit. Following successful implementations in Europe,  Xtra Advice is now starting with the first FitCoins pilot at UC Davis.


Why UC Davis?

We have learned from our implementation of FitCoins at schools and universities that they provide excellent testing grounds. Because it allows us to further identify what works best. Students are creative and often experienced with all sorts of digital solutions. And for sure they like the combination of staying fit and getting rewards “for free” in return. In addition, we have seen that the younger generation is not only looking for a well-paying career. Many also understand the need to pay forward to their communities. Fitcoins has incorporated the ability to give back with the so-called “purpose agenda”. Each user can donate FitCoins to their charity or NGO of choice. This way it is a practical solution for many organizations to structure their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.


Let’s get started

“We are excited to finally start with this first US FitCoin pilot project in California. And this is done together with the FitCoins team and Xtra Advice.’ said Stef Oud, Partner at Xtra Advice. “We are confident that the concept of rewarding healthy behavior and healthy rewards using FitCoins, will be well received in the US!”