The four “building blocks” that determine your professional service firm’s success!


XtraAdvice provides a range of services that support people, propositions and the organization of Professional Service Firms. This includes:

  • Executive search, talent recruitment, development and retention programs that utilize our extensive and international network in your industry.
  • Care for your people by focusing on employee well-being, and on driving performance increases of professionals through ‘brain and mind’ programs. The programs inspire and energize client concentration and efficiency, helping to mitigate the risk of the overwhelmed employees.
  • Temporary, ad-interim partners to support your Professional Service Firm during pre-defined periods or specific assignments.

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Business Development

XtraAdvice provides support for connecting more effectively to the relevant business ecosystems, markets and clients, through:

Focused programs to enter into and expand business with target accounts and/or markets. Mobilizing and better utilizing your business ecosystem.
Tailored strategic negotiation programs: ‘selling the invisible’.

Reference Program

A well-structured and up-to-date reference program is essential for the success of any Professional Service Firm. XtraAdvice can help provide such programs at the firm, office, practice, academic and individual executive levels.

Marketing & Events

Based on our experience we provide Professional Service Firms with tailored support to organize conferences, round tables, positive press, and publications (online and social media), as well as for engaging with the business analyst community.

Xtra Modules, that cover Enablement, Business Development, Reference Program and Marketing & Events (EBRM)

Over the years we have developed key propositions that cover the four ‘building blocks’ (Enablement, Business Development, Reference Program, Marketing & Events). Together, they determine the success of Professional Service Firms.

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