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Coaching program : Be the best version of yourself

Be the best version of yourself: the EFFECT program The EFFECT program aims to make your life more interesting (Enriched environment), to choose to take control on what you focus on, what controls your live (Flow & focus), to sleep well (Fixed sleep pattern), and have enough Excercise and more often think about the consequences of how todays actions can improve your future (Connect today and tomorrow) and allow you to take more Time to make all this an integrated part of your life.

Workshop : How to make good decisions

In this webinar/workshop you will first learn more about your fascinating brain and how to take good care of it. Then, seven recognizable cognitive biases are discussed, their consequences for your (mental) well-being revealed and what you can do about them to prevent them from sabotaging your productivity. You'll become aware and of how to prioritize tasks, avoid procrastination and missing deadlines and disconnect from your work. You'll get tips on how to avoid these mental pitfalls and how to make better decisions more often, creating peace of mind.

Training : Focus management

Improve your performance in a brain friendly way. Improve existing skills and develop new skills that are going to support you to take control! How do you stay focused in times of distraction, and improve your own performance. How do you harness the full potential of your brain and your digital tools. How to optimize your work/life balance.

Executive program : Maximize Your Board’s Potential, Harvard, June 10-13, 2024

Update your knowledge of the complex world that board members face in 2024 and the future. During this intensive four days course, all important aspects of board governance will be addressed, varying from global governance, through AI, risk management to ethical dilemmas of the 21st Century board work. At XtraAdvice we view this know-how to …

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