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Be the best version of yourself

Develop your brain to better achieve your goals.

Dutch & English
In person and online
€ 6.000,-
6 days
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Be the best version of yourself: EFFECT program

The EFFECT program aims at making your life really interesting (ENRICHED ENVIRONMENT), to choose to take control on what you focus on, what controls your live (FLOW – FOCUS), to sleep well (FIXED SLEEP PATTERN), and have enough EXERCISE and more often think about the consequences of how todays actions can improve all tomorrows (CONNECT TODAY AND TOMORROW) and finally make it happen and take the necessary TIME to make all this an integrated part of your life.

Training your brain (developing your executive skills) will help you to gain more control and to achieve goals that you set out to achieve. You will be able to make use of your full potential, be happier, healthier and more successful. By way of doing things that are just common sense!

The EFFECT Program consists of three sections:

  • (Self) knowledge: becoming aware of and gaining insights into the working of your own brain
  • Growth: what to do to be able to achieve the necessary behavioral change
  • Impact assessment: establishing the results of the training


1. Awareness and gaining insight

Many of us feel life in today’s world has become far too fast, to unpredictable, and to demanding. We wonder how to cope:

  • How do I avoid going crazy from all the information I am bombarded with every day?
  • How do I deal with the changes continually happening all around me?
  • How do I stay healthy, grow, achieve more at work, make my business a success and do a good job raising my children?Many people feel tossed about by forces beyond their control. How do you reclaim your position as master of the game? How do you develop the right skills to be successful in this new world? How do you make the most of your potential and achieve your goals?

When enrolling in the EFFECT program, you will experience what it is to feel tossed about by forces beyond your control. And then you will learn what to do in order to develop a specific area in the brain: the prefrontal cortex (CEO brain). The way in which the neural networks of the CEO brain are developed, and the skills related to these neural networks are a good predictor of success in life: work, health, education, relationships, and happiness. It turns out that it is crucial to develop your CEO brain.

You will also gain insight in which character traits and skills are known to foster success and wisdom. And you will learn how brain plasticity and exposure to new experiences, information and training will help you grow in the desired way to adapt to a changing environment. Next to that you will see why so many of us fail to change, even when our current behavior does not produce the results we want. You will experience firsthand the mechanisms that keep you from attaining your goals. And will learn to recognize the pitfalls, avoid them and hopefully even pre-empt them.