How to make good decisions

and avoid mental pitfalls that sabotage your productivity

Dutch & English
On site or online
€150,- p.p.
1,5 hours
5-15 participants
Many of us feel life in today’s world has become far too fast, to unpredictable, and to demanding. We wonder how to cope:
  • how do I avoid going crazy from all the information I am bombarded with every day?
  • how do I deal with the changes continually happening all around me?
  • how do I stay healthy, grow, achieve more at work, make my business a success and do a good job raising my children?

Many people feel tossed about by forces beyond their control. How do you reclaim your position as master of the game? How do you develop the right skills to be successful in this new world? How do you make the most of your potential and achieve your goals?

As professionals, we are pretty bad at making good decisions:
# We procrastinate, eat junk food and don’t save for retirement;
# We miss deadlines and say yes to things we don’t have time for;
# We complain that we don’t have enough time and don’t use the time we do have wisely.

This in itself is not surprising because it turns out that our brains are programmed to sabotage our productivity, with all its consequences for our well-being.