Xtra Propositions

See the total overview of all developed key propositions that cover the four ‘building blocks’ (Enablement, Business Development, Reference Program, Marketing & Events).

Xtra EBRM Assessment

Provides a tailored assessment to help develop and improve the strategy for Enablement, Business Development, References and Marketing.

Xtra Business

Provides a comprehensive Business Development program to better forecast, balance, identify, contact, qualify, propose and win business for your firm. This program can also focus on an individual market segment and/or account.

Xtra Insights

Analyzing your own and team Insights profile and improve collaboration, team dynamics and for example sales results. XtraAdvice is certified to carry out Insights (www.insights.com) reviews for individuals and for teams.

Xtra Impact

Design and implement a tailored approach to support your impact/purpose agenda that meets your organization’s corporate responsibility and sustainability objectives.

Xtra Balance

Dedicated program to better use your mind and brain. Be better equipped to work in the overwhelming and challenging Professional Service Firm business.

Xtra Support

Provides temporary, ad-interim partners to support your Professional Service Firm during a pre-defined period or for specific assignments.

Xtra Search

With a team of experienced HR and Executive Search experts we support local and international professional service firms to identify, attract and hire senior level talent. We provide tailored executive search programs that fully utilizes the extensive global business ecosystem and network of XtraAdvice.

Xtra Fit

Support individuals and teams in Professional Service Firms to tackle career challenges while maintaining high physical and mental fitness levels.

Xtra Career

Individual executive counseling and planning for career paths forward. Includes insights analysis and reflection sessions.

Xtra Resources

Better position your firm in the ‘war for talent’ including recruitment and retention strategies for professionals at all levels.

Xtra Focus

One week program to (re-)focus on your personal career aspirations and general health, to better enable functioning within the given organizational structure and ethos.

Xtra Digital & Data

Enables and improves your digital/data ‘savviness’ to benefit both your firm and your clients.

Xtra Network

A program to build your business network through a tailored approach. It will enable you to fully use the power of your ecosystem.

Xtra Negotiation Skills

Improve skills and negotiation strategy ‘at the table and away from the table’ – for example in winning contingency-based deals.

Xtra Exposure

Improve your reputation, visibility and messaging towards the market. Includes reference program, marketing and events.

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